Top Guy Haircuts: Short And Long Boy Hairstyles (ON TREND)

It is rightly said that hairstyles reflect one’s personality. Also, when you have sported a hairstyle long enough, it becomes a sort of your identity.

Whether you’re a young boy or a grown up adult, there are tons of guy haircuts available to check out. The best part of all is that these hairstyles are available for all kinds of hair – short or long, soft and silky or curly hair.

With tons of boys hairstyles already available to try out, you only need to bring out the craziness in you.

Let us have a look at the trendiest guy haircuts which may inspire your next look!

The Best Boy’s Hairstyle Ideas You Never Knew


Don Haircut

Don Haircut for boys

Not sure if you have ever tried out the Don haircut ever. But in case you have not, this is among the classic guy haircuts that are so amazing and will never go out of style anytime soon! And for people that have curly or coarse hair, this is the haircut they need to try to look smart and stylish.

The best part of trying out this hairstyle is that you’ll need to keep your hair short and not have to worry about it.

The Don style also complements any face shape! It is suitable for teenage guys and also for little boys.

Chris Hairstyle

Chris Hairstyle for boys

Ever heard of the Chris hairstyle? If not, this is the hairstyle you need to try out especially if you’re someone with a wavy or curly hair.

This is one of those boys hairstyles that will accentuate your natural curls whilst keeping the top side longer and the sides short. Also, this hairstyle looks great for those with a square face.

It is fairly easy to style – First up, you need to dampen your hair a bit. Second, apply a reliable curl enhancing cream to the top and longer section of your hair.

Evan Haircut

Evan Haircut for boys with pompadour hair

To make your regular pompadour haircut classy and modern, try out the Evan haircut! This is an ideal haircut to have if you have thick to medium hair and oval or heart face shape.

To style up with this hairstyle you first need to blow dry air from your face. Next, you can add a grooming cream in order to improve the texture and shine of your hair. In the end, you can employ a light hold hairspray.

Charlie Hairstyle

Charlie Hairstyle

The Charlie hairstyle is another fantastic option especially for those who love to keep it stylish and trendy without putting in lots of hard work.

The Charlie is the perfect option to try if you have hair that is coarse, frizzy, thick, or curly. The fact that you need to keep the top section with barely any length and sides super short, you’ll find it easy to work with this hairstyle.

Also, any face shape will complement the Charlie perfectly.

Matt Hairstyle

Matt Hairstyle for boys with parted sides

If you’re one who loves to keep the volume at the very front with parted sides, then the Matt is the hairstyle for you.

The semi-matte finish you get with this haircut is what gives it a natural look. Also, it does not matter the hair type or face shape you have, the Matt will complement all of them effortlessly.

Short Hairstyles For Boys You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Short hairstyles always look good on boys, whether they like it too much or not. The basis of all classic guy haircuts is that they like it to keep their hair short, either at the sides or the back in one way or the other.

The thing with short hairstyles is that they are easy to style and manage. Furthermore, they look clean and crisp. The good news for all those who have short hairstyles is that there are lots of ways to style up your hair.

So, whether you need razor fade or tape up or a burst fade in your cut, add forward fringe or texture or spikes, everything is possible with your short hairstyle.

Clean Taper

Clean Taper with Sponge Curls for boys

Clean Taper with Sponge Curls is a popular short hairstyle you cannot miss!

If you’re already blessed with tight curls then just make sure to provide a bit of length so everybody can see your hair’s texture. Once this is achieved, you can clean up all the edges visible by running a quick taper near the hairline.

Texture and Spikes

Texture and Spikes boys hairstyles

Texture and Spikes are another among boys hairstyles that are unique but high on style.

To achieve this hairstyle all you need to do is pull in hair towards the center, from back as well as the sides. While all this is being done, you can spike up the front portion to achieve a flattering and classic height.

Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured Guys Haircuts

Short Textured Haircut is suitable for boys who want to have a cool hairstyle. In this hairstyle, not many changes are made to the top hair, but the sides are cut really short to match up with all kinds of face types.

This is one of those hairstyles that enhance your jaw line.

Long Hairstyles for Boys You Wish You Knew Before

Boys need to have a decent haircut especially if they have longer locks. For example, when boys with long hair miss out on a cut, the general look will get spoilt and the styling routines get severely impacted.

For those boys who have shoulder-length hair, a light layering towards the ends will work well for them especially when their hair is good.

Similarly, for those who have Punk hairstyles straight hair with a slightly heavier layer can do wonders, especially when they’re given a spiky finish at the edges.

Half Up Pony

Half Up Pony guy haircut

Half Up Pony is among the most popular guy haircuts you need to try out if you’re not familiar with it already. For many, this hairstyle reminds of Kurt Cobain or Brad Pitt as they regularly sported this hairstyle in the past.

To achieve this haircut, all you need to do is pull up half of your hair. In simple terms, you need to divide your hair into 2 sections – one horizontally and then tie the upper section using a hair band.

Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids for boys with long hair

If you really have a long hair then consider trying out Dutch Braids. However, be sure to prepare yourself for getting extra attention wherever you go. After all, this is one of those hairstyles you’ll find commonly.

The thing with Dutch Braids is that it is quite complex and will typically include not just long hair braided into several rows but also involve undercuts.

In order to get this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair into several sections, depending upon the number of braids you need in all. Once this is achieved, braid each of the sections separately and then unite all of them to form a single one.

Then use a hair band to tie it.

Shoulder Length Side Part

Shoulder Length Side Part for boys

For boys looking to come out of carefree vibe and add a touch of maturity to their looks, there is an option before them – Shoulder Length Side Part. The best part of this hairstyle is that boys of all age groups can try it without worrying about what others may have opinions about it.

To get this hairstyle you need to opt for side parting and ensure that a large section of your hair is swept aside to one side. With disheveled hair being the norm of today, you can easily wear this look even for formal occasions.

The Coolest Guy Haircuts In 2016

2016 is well set to witness some of the coolest and trendiest guy haircuts most of which are expected to be vintage types with idiosyncratic touches and redefined dimensions.

The good news is that all the featured trends can be reproduced on different types of hair. In other words, no matter what your hairstyle is, there is something in store for you.

Modernized Side Parts

Modernized Side Parts

As we all know classic side parts are timeless, but did you know that their newer interpretations are now becoming a craze among the younger generation?

The best part with the modernized side parts is that they can be tried out on all types of hair.

However, you just need to make sure that after a quality matte mousse has been used on your hair, you need to blow-dry your locks.

To make yourself look cool and trendy, you may consider experimenting with different hair parts in which you’re most comfortable and that reveal your true personality.


Fringes boy hairstyle

Fringes are making a big comeback in 2016!

The redefined fringes that are a trend these days work well with all types of hair, including those with straight hair types and longer locks.

To gain more control while trying out this hairstyle, it is recommended to use a versatile pomade or hair mousse.

Comb Over

Comb Over hairstyle for boys with extra volume

Comb over haircut is not from those boys hairstyles that u would try out for hiding baldness. In fact, you’ll see many young men in 2016 trying out this hairstyle because it provides them with incredible quiff with extra volume.

Depending upon how thick your hair is, you can have either combed back hairstyle or comb over loose. This is surely one of the most versatile boys hairstyles you can try out in 2016, as it provides them with lots of style options whilst showing off their cool faded sides.

So, if you want to look unique with a brand new hairstyle then look no further than a Comb over haircut!

Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs Hairstyle for boys

If you want to add a cute element to your personality and soften your face a bit, then Bangs hairstyle can help you. Also, when you include fringe to your Bangs hairstyle you get a style that is evergreen.

In trying out these types of guy haircuts, you can choose between straight, messy or classic fringes.

Do not worry if you’re unable to decide on what hairstyle you want.

Just ask your barber to give you some pointers.

Little Boys Hairstyles: Easy-Peasy Tips

Sometimes, choosing hairstyles for a little boy can be a tricky affair. With so many of them to choose from, you need to select one that suits the little boy perfectly. In any case, little boys are getting pretty serious when it comes to their hairstyles that anything short of their personality will not go well them!

Let us look at some top boys hairstyles that will keep them happy and look smart.

Classic Cut

Classic Cut for little boys

If you like your little boy to look cute and tidy wherever he goes, then consider having a classic cut for him.

This is one of those boys hairstyles that really do not go out of fashion. While this hairstyle is neither short nor long, it is certainly not boring either.


Faux-Hawk hairstyles for kids

Faux-Hawk is another hairstyle your boy is going to like when it is executed properly. Also known as ‘Spikes’, this hairstyle can be tried out if your kid has a slightly longer hair. In having this haircut your child will be quite popular in the playground or school.

Surfer Cut

Surfer Cut for litthe boy

To give your kid an interesting yet trendy look, look no further than Surfer cut!

To get this look, the little boy needs to have longer hair on top while having similar long hair on the sides.

It does not matter where the kid goes; this haircut will make look cool all the time.

The Rocker

The Rocker haircut for little boy

The Rocker hairstyle is perfect for your little boy if you want to make him sporty and have a look like a Rock star!

In a way, this hairstyle can be described as a mini Mohawk wherein you’ll have the option to spike up the hair at the top while you can allow to it worn forward.


It is not just girls, even boys can look forward to having hairstyles that can give a lift to their personality and look. No matter the occasion or age, there are plenty of boys hairstyles ready for you.

You just need to try them out sooner or later.

The year 2016 promises to be a great year regarding hairstyles for boys, as they can seriously look to experiment and get the perfect haircut they always wanted.

Given that it doesn’t cost much to try out various guy haircuts, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you in trying them out.

Just make sure to discuss your style requirements with your barber and you should be fine to get a new look that will take the world by pleasant surprise!

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