6 Teen Boy Hairstyles To Be Thankful You Never Had!

It is quite common to see teenagers of today willing to spend a lot of time and money on fashion and grooming. Also, with so many hairstyles trending these days, the teens are crazy enough to try out most of them, if not all.

While there are a number of classic hairstyles of yesteryears still in fashion, quite a few new teen boy hairstyles have emerged on the scene too!

If you’re confused about all these, then you’re not alone! After all, there are so many factors you need to take into consideration before you go ahead with one.

While a vast majority of teen hairstyles are common and decent enough to be carried along on various occasions, there are still a few of them that will catch you by surprise. In fact, these hairstyles are really crazy and may force you to think twice before going ahead and trying them out.

 1. Round Face

teen boy hairstyles for round face

Teens with round face need to be careful about their hairstyles as some of them could reveal their facial flaws.

So, if you have a round face and have been looking for teen boy hairstyles, then make sure you do not slick back your hair and convert it into a ponytail.

By doing so, you’ll only end up highlighting facial flaws, if there are any.

The reason behind this is simple. When you pull your hair back and expose your face, you’re leaving your face open and everybody can see the flaws, leaving you vulnerable to criticisms.

2. Undershaved Cut

teen boy with undershaved cut

While it is common to see crazy and adventurous teens, in their attempt to be brave and catchy, sporting a fully shaved head, you can go one step ahead and try out an ‘Undershaved cut’.

Yes, you heard it right!

All you need to do is retain all of your hair, except the underside of the back side of your head.

You can allow rest of your hair to caress your shoulders.

For teens who wish to try something different, yet be bold and demure, this is the hairstyle to be tried out.

And for all other teens, this is something they can stay away from!

3. Frizzy Waves

long on top with frizzy waves past shoulders

Teen boy hairstyles can get even crazier than you may think.

Rather than opting for a decent haircut, either long or short, why not opt for something that will require the hair stylist to work with the locks and end up having lots of hair standing proudly on the top and frizzy waves brushing past your shoulders?

However, if you feel your parents will have a hard time identifying you and explaining you not to go overboard, then stay away from trying out this hairstyle.

4. Jaw-Length Bobs

teen boy with jaw length bobs

You can consider skipping jaw length bobs, especially if you have a round face to go along with a short neck.

You’ll thank yourself in not having to try this hairstyle as it will end up adding more width to your face sides.

In doing so, there are chances of your face looking even rounder and wider.

5. Boy Tresses

teen boy with unkempt and long tresse

While showing your ‘party animal’ spirit every now and then is fine, showing it off through your hairstyle may end up you being scolded by the mother.

Keeping your tresses dirty, scraggly, unkempt and long may help indicate what much you like partying.

However, those who are conservative in their approach like your mother may raise an eyebrow and start wondering what is wrong with you!

6. Cornrows

teen boy with cornrows hairstyle

Corn Rows are among teen boy hairstyles you’ll do well to stay away from it.

What started as a trend in the early 2000’s, are now a passé. The sheer ubiquity and unfortunate offshoots ensured this hairstyle is no longer popular among teens.

If you’re aware of more crazy hairstyles or the ones you wished you never had tried out before, then please let us know. We will be glad to hear from you!

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