Short Haircuts for Black Men: The Hottest Trends To Watch In 2016

For popular and trendy haircuts, black men need not look beyond short hairstyles. This is because of simple reason that short haircuts for black men work like a miracle for them!

There are two mainly reasons for that – First, in sport short hairstyles it is easy for black men to maintain their hair and takes less time to style. Second, black men usually face problems in styling their hair because of their thick textures.

Therefore, if you’re a black man working on short hair trends, then it is suggested that you try out a few of the hairstyles indicated below, that are expected to make it big in 2016.

Regardless of your face shape and age, these hairstyles are sure to improve your personality and above all, will make you feel better and happy!

You Can’t Afford To Miss These Short Haircuts For Black Men

Close Shaved

Close shaved short haircuts for black men

In a way, close shaved haircuts can be considered as another version of the Buzz cut, at least in case of black men.

Why should you try out this haircut?

Close shaved hairstyle helps you look formal, elegant and glamorous for most occasions. Besides the conservative black men, this hairstyle is also suitable for those men that lead a busy life and have very little time to style their hair.

Bald Head

Bald head for black men

Yes, you heard it right!

Going completely bald too is one of the hairstyles black men can try sooner than later.

Being one of the easiest and simplest of hairstyles available to black men, it can be sported for looking glamorous, elegant and sexy.

Geometric Cut

Geometric Cut hairstyle for black men

If you love art and want to bring that to life, then consider sporting Geometric cut.

This is one of the latest trends in short haircuts for black men that use accurate lines and geometric shapes to yield stunning hair results to you. Being an evergreen haircut it lends freedom of expression and urban pulse to your curly or straight thick hair.

Short And Faded Haircuts For Black Men That Will Create Impact In 2016!


Low Cut with Faded Sides

Low Cut with Faded Sides for black men

This is one of the most popular short faded haircuts black men can sport for any occasion. For black men this haircut provides an opportunity to look fresh and clean.

Tip Colored Fro with Faded Sides Cut

Tip Colored Fro with Faded Sides for black men

If you have an average fro and want to jazz it up big way then consider trying out Tip Colored Fro with Faded Sides cut!

Besides the two textures of curls that you’re sure to love with this haircut, its unique combination of dark roots and blond tips can be fashioned as you like to look stunning.

Low Fade Cut with Faded Sides

Low Fade haircut with Faded Sides for black men

This is one of the best short haircuts for black men that you simply cannot ignore. The detailing that goes into this hairstyle, especially the crisp and sharp curves are impeccable.

Being a versatile hairstyle, it is suitable for all coarse hair types and face shapes.

It is recommended to use Organic Root Stimulator Oil Sheen and hair clippers with guards to get the desired hairstyle.

High Top Fade with Side Part

High Top Fade with Side Part black men's haircuts

Black men looking forward to getting vintage inspired and throwback look can definitely try out this hairstyle.

Using sharpened clippers it is possible to carve out the sharp curve and the high top that is associated with this hairstyle.

This hairstyle goes well with coarser hair types and all face types.

When you’re looking around for short haircuts for black men you’ll realize how many options there are for you to try!

If you like any or all of the above hairstyles, then please tell us so.

We would be glad to hear from you!

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