The Most Popular Haircuts For Men (CUTTING-EDGE)

A man’s hairstyle is one of the most essential personal image elements. No trendy outfit worn without a proper haircut is ever complete. Popular haircuts for men have evolved over the years, constantly trying to adapt one’s character and lifestyle. The way in which hair is cut must suit the occasion and overall style as well.

It is safe to say that assuming men do not have as much choices to pick from as women do, would be quite a misconception.

Check out the latest trends in men hairstyle which will make them turn heads for sure!

Popular Haircuts For Men: Business Hair

Popular haircuts for men whose jobs demand sleek and professional office attire, include the slicked back traditional look. This haircut guarantees you will not be taken for granted when attempting to strike a huge business deal, or even asking your boss for promotion.

All you need is high-quality gel to provide the shiny look and a comb to set your hair to one side, creating a part and you are transformed into a respected and slightly feared-of tycoon.

What to wear it with: While the black suit is an all-time classic, try out the re-emerging herringbone or hounds’ tooth patterned suits.

A Trendy Haircut for a Wild Night Out

If you are looking for your chances to hook up to increase, you are in need of a sexy, irresistible hairstyle. The latest trend in sexy hairstyles for men with beards: a funky-styled not-so-short, naturally looking trimmed beard along with a messy, yet composed hair.

popular haircuts for men with beards

Very easy to achieve: comb your hair and then mess the not-so-short fringes just a little bit, while pulling them back to reveal the forehead.

Do not try to tame them; they are the secret to your seduction power!

What to wear it with: Dark-washed jeans, casual linen shirts, penny-loafers.

A Wedding Haircut to Remember You By

On the happiest day of your life, hair must be flawless. Trends continue to celebrate classic hairstyles for men as the best option for wedding grooms.

First of all, remember that this is not a time to wear a beard. There will be plenty of hairstyles for men with full beards for you to choose from for later on. Trendsetters recommend getting the haircut at least a week before the wedding day, while getting it at a highly experienced professional’s.

Wedding Haircut for men

Make it short, classic, with just the right amount of hold product, worked up with the fingers for more volume.

In fact, just relax and let the hair professional take care of this while you focus on how great the celebration will be.

What to wear it with: The perfect black tuxedo can look stunning even in white!

The Perfect Weekend Getaway Hairstyle

Recently, the simple casual hairstyle has once again proven as one of the most popular haircuts for men, especially when it comes to hot and sexy weekend getaways, where relaxed or even resort clothes are worn.

This look is adaptable to both men with and without beards.

Hair should be cut shorter on the sides, while longer on the top. Use styling cream and quickly brush through it.

What to wear it with: Pastel-colored t-shirts. Choose wisely according to skin-tone.

The Too-Busy-For-A-Haircut Dilemma: Cut it or Leave it?

You have been too busy to visit the barber lately.

Hair has grown quite a bit?

If faced with a dilemma to whether cut it to as it was, this is what you should know about: long hairstyles for men are making a huge comeback nowadays. Trends suggest natural curls that fall on the shoulders, preferably with a decent-length beard. Layers should be shorter on the front.

long hairstyle for men with natural curls

You will need a styling product to shape it properly. Suits all face shapes perfectly.

What to wear it with: The toned-down lumber sexual with just a hint of hipster – checked shirt, thick-framed glasses.

These popular haircuts for men are most certainly worth trying out.

Find a way to incorporate them into your schedule and you are bound to make a solid statement, while still staying true to your identity.

Remember: A man is not fully dressed unless he’s got his hair right.

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