Styling Guide For Older Men’s Hairstyles (LITTLE SECRETS)

After the age of 45, most men feel the urge to make drastic changes in their lives in order to feel happier and more alive. As a crucial part of this so-called midlife crisis, such changes are often done in a hurry and may also involve critical aspects of everyday life, such as quitting a job one’s stayed in for almost 20 years or even getting a divorce. Luckily, a lot more trends in older men’s hairstyles are out there nowadays for men to choose from, so that they can go through that challenging time of their lives by making small changes such as improving their appearance, instead of drastic ones.

Older Men’s Hairstyles for Full Hair

older menтАЩs hairstyles

Hairstyle professionals suggest that older men can indeed get away with young, fresh hairstyles; provided they keep the edges tidy. If you are one of those lucky older men that got to keep their hair even after most of it had turned to grey, check out these tips from a grooming expert:

  • Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner. This is the first step of each successful hairstyle.
  • Trim the hair around the ears with scissors to make edges look sharp and clean.
  • Eliminate the little hairs on the back of the neck with a trimmer.
  • When at work or any other professional setting, apply a little bit of product to keep it groomed.
  • During the weekend, relax and enjoy your free time and hobbies by wearing your hair loose. Be grateful that you have been blessed with full hair (as grey as it may be!)

The Perfect Side-Parted Long Hairstyle

long side-parted hairstyle for older men

A hairstyle with natural curls that fall past the shoulders with layers shorter in the front and longer in the back can look stunning even in silver. Someone that would choose older men’s hairstyles for long hair most definitely has an untamable personality, a forever-young character and a free spirit. After all, we are all as young as we think we are – age is just a number.

Follow these simple steps to make your hair look gorgeous:

  • Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo; do not blow-dry it because you will need it to be damp for the following step.
  • If you have naturally curly hair, just apply a high-quality styling product. If your hair is straight, wrap it up in a scrunchie and leave it like this shortly so that it can curl up a little bit before applying the product.
  • Leave your hair to dry on itself naturally. This hairstyle will give you wisdom and make you look experienced while appears still sexy as it would even if you were 15 years younger!

Check out this tutorial on how to get Joe Manganiello’s haircut.

The Smartest Hairstyle Solution for Bald Men

best hairstyles for older men with bald hair

Have you been losing most of your hair with age?

There is no need to worry about this!

The smart look for balding men will most definitely do the trick. Note that plenty of people out there find balding men very appealing. Any hairstyle can make you feel confident, you just need to stay true to your identity and keep feeling young and fresh.

Follow these very simple steps to get this hairstyle:

  • After you have washed your hair, leave it somewhat damp (use a towel to dry it)
  • Trim the sides evenly
  • Apply product to tame them; as we already said, older men’s hairstyles that are done with scissors trimming almost always require tidy edges.

As drastic as it may seem, even the fully-bald-head hairstyle can look elegant and exquisite. Just look at how well Andre Agassi wore it along with an excellently-tailored suit.

hairstyle for balding men

Remember that there are men who look better when they are bald, then back in time when they had a full set of hair! At the end of the day, experience and worldly knowledge of things in life are what make older men attractive. Choosing the most suitable among the many older men’s hairstyles is just the cherry on the top.

Leaving all these suggestions aside, how do you feel about going to a totally different direction by dying your hair?

Tell us if you’d like to hear more about it in one of our future posts.


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