Medium Length Hairstyles For Men (FANCY IDEAS)

At the northern hemisphere, summer is fast approaching. People are filled with more energy and have probably already begun taking their summer vacations. As an average guy, your first thought for a summer haircut would probably be: “I am anyway going to be all sweaty each day, chilling at the beach or taking long swims. Why would I bother wearing my hair longer and taking time to shape a fancy hairstyle?” But bear with me. Trends suggest that medium length hairstyles for men are quite the trend for this season!

It is most definitely worth to try growing your hair a bit longer and considering a suitable hairstyle that will match your everyday attire.

So make sure to check out each and every one of these medium length hairstyles for men.

I am sure you will find the right one!

The Casual Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Casual Wavy Hairstyle for Men

If you have been blessed with natural-textured hair, this hairstyle is the perfect solution for you.

It does not require much effort, as long as you get the foundation, i.e. the strong haircut.

With just a little shaping, you can easily achieve a look that gives the impression like you haven’t even been trying, but is nevertheless amazing.

The Slicked-Back Pomp for Men

The Slicked-Back Pomp for Men

This one is a sure way to look sexy yet mysterious!

Slick your hair back while forming a sort of a bump above the forehead with a styling brush. Make sure to grow some of that manly facial hair as well.

Refined Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

Refined Medium-Length Hairstyle for Men

When trying to look elegant and more serious, use a little high-quality pomade while combing your hair towards the back, and finish by running your fingers through it to make the lines seem more natural.

Hair Swiped on the Side

Hair Swiped on the Side for men

One of the most popular medium length hairstyles for men from the nineties is making a comeback this year.

You can achieve it by adding some high-quality styling gel and combing it to one side. Swipe your fingers through it, so that it looks messy.

The Trendy Man Bun

The Trendy Man Bun

Having a slicked-back undercut, a half bun or the full bun, this weirdly shaped man haircut has made its way through the hipster community and beyond it.

Just grow your hair long enough so that it can be tamed with a scrunchie and pick the most suitable man bun style for you.

With some trendy every-day outfit, you will be breaking hearts each time you enter the room!

Learn more details here.

Medium-Length Curls for Men

Medium-Length Curls for Men

This hairstyle is ideal for men with curly hair, but those of you with straight hair can achieve it as well – just apply the appropriate product and curl it enough to get that natural look.

A short-to medium trimmed beard fits perfectly here.

The Cool and Energetic Hairstyle

The Cool and Energetic Hairstyle

Check out this Robert Pattinson’s Red-Carpet-worthy hairstyle that can look just as good on you, too.

You should lift your hair at the roots, add some extra definition and apply a matt finish.

It’s interesting to see how Pattinson’s hairstyle has been evolving through the years.

The Bad- Boy Pompadour look

The Bad-Boy Pompadour look

Always bear in mind that the bad-boy look never goes out of style!

Just get undercuts at both sides to add contrast, and make a simple swipe back at the top, even without using any product whatsoever.

Following Colin Farrell’s example, a hip earring and just a little mustache can accentuate this hairstyle even better!

So, did you like any of these popular medium length hairstyles for men?  Which one was your favorite? Would you dare to try out the man bun and which of its forms was the most appealing to you?

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