20 Styling Experts Reveal The Latest Trends In Men’s Hairstyles

Many people think that the clothes make the man. Yes, that’s true. But, if you combine the clothes with some kick-ass hairstyle, you will definitely catch the eyes of many women with your sexy appearance. And with plenty of hairstyles out there, it’s difficult to choose which are the most popular fashion trends in men’s hairstyles.

But, you don’t have to worry!

Fancy Haircuts has its finger on the pulse of the most popular hairstyles that will inspire your next trip to the barber.

That’s why we connected with 20 styling experts we appreciate the most, and asked to answer the following question:

“What are the latest fashion trends in men’s hairstyles?”

Here are their answers:

adam walker

Adam Walker – Themalestylist.com

This year has taken the clean cut styles that were popular in 2015 and added a casual twist. The relaxed pompadour is probably one of the favorites of 2016, sported by the likes of David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds and Matt Bomer. The great thing about these styles is that they are versatile, working equally well with smart and casual looks.

John RobertsonJohn Robertson – Theeverydayman.co.uk


Whether you go for a crop or a quiff this summer, make sure you get your barber to add texture to your look and keeping things a little longer on top.

Jonathon Cavaliere

Jonathon Cavaliere – Mrcavaliere.com

Men’s hair has been going into a more classic direction with a modern edge. Guys are side parting their hair but instead of combing it all back like their generations past, they are fading up the sides and having some fun with the length up top.

Stephane Mirao

Stephane Mirao – Smira-fashion.com

Check the hairstyle of Zayn Malik. He is always in the right way and super actual.

Super short hair! This is the actual male trend.


Kish Raveendran

Kish Raveendran – Kishstyle.com


Textured Pomp + Mid Fade and My favorite Messy Spikes.


Romano Brida

Romano Brida – Bullfrogbarbershop.com

For what we are seeing in our barbershops, traditional haircuts are still very on trend, but they are turning less extreme, with medium length and softer sides.

There is also an increasing interest in the pompadour haircut.

Davida Berry

Davida Berry – Clippercutqueen.com

The growing trend in men’s grooming is Detailing. All of today’s hairstyles for men are contoured with detailed edges and clean lines.

Like a Modern/Retro hybrid. 


Deepak – Deepufashion.info

High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle is the most trending among the men’s hairstyles.

Ivan Zoot

Ivan Zoot – Clipperguysays.wix.com

Long tops with lots of texture.
Sides and backs with scalp coverage. Not skinned to see scalp.
Edges softer. Not crispy outlines.

Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez – Pedrosanchez.ch

This year I still see a lot of under-cutting everywhere, I even think the’re stronger this year. Young men are asking more for clipper-ed haircuts than before, great for the summer heat! Beards are still in but nicely trimmed and outlined. Cool platinum blonds are getting very hot for younger men.

Harry Karolis

Harry Karolis – Egobarbers.co.uk

You have the Textured Crop which is making a big comeback. Long hair is also making a big comeback and you have the “0” fade which will never go out of style. Then the textured scrunch look with the fade and you have the taper fade and big on top with the scrunch look.

Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti – Sacramentobarbershop.com

Loose natural side parts and pompadour are what is most poplar right now.

Jason Schneidman

Jason Schneidman – Themensgroomer.com

Longer I feel is reading more sexy on dudes lately. Johnny Depp river phonic medium lengths with fullness which creates peicyness with product instead of buzzed sides. Long top with long piece to chin – I call it the money piece Messy grunge!

Charlie Lopez

Charlie Lopez – Cutshavestyle.com

The most request hairstyles are: Pompadour , South of France , Undercut, Drop fade and the classic combover.

Jason Potchen

Jason Potchen – Instagram

The latest trends I see are longer top lengths, more texture, movement and lived-in looks. Not as many looks that require a lot of time in front of a mirror to replicate what your hairdresser or barber created. The real work will be done by the professional when they cut it and easily maintained by the patron.

Jt Top Hat

Jt Top Hat – Blessedbarberstudio.com

The latest trends in men’s hairstyles are:

Low fades and  Drop fades with a twist on our fading techniques.

Antonio Barber

Antonio Barber – Instagram

Low bald fade with a textured comb-over & a Deep part are among the latest fashion trends in men’s hairstyles.


Ray – Instagram

Beard’s and curly tops low fades are trends that never go out of style.


Alex – Alexandersbarbershop.co.uk

The current trend is very much: short on the sides, long on the top! Partings are in! A lot of people go for partings shaved in to make look clear and defined

Also this year beards are in! As long as they are kept neat around the edges, you can’t go to far wrong.


Yian – Instagram

Nowadays there are so many different trends out there, which makes the job much more enjoyable.
You get the old school styles, with lines put-in or patterns. There’s such a long list of different fashion trends in men’s hairstyles.

Huge thanks to everybody who took part in this roundup!

And now is your turn.

Whether you want a new drastic cut or just looking for a new haircut, you have plenty of great hairstyles you can choose from!

If you think that your hairstyle needs a special twist for this season, get inspired from these trendy hairstyles and choose the style that best matches your personality.

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