Looking For The Best Korean Men Hairstyle? This Will Help You Decide!

Korean men are lucky in that they have a wide choice to select their hairstyle from.

You’re sure to find Korean men hairstyle which is stylish and cool, and therefore it is not surprising to see men from all over the world trying to copy these hairstyles for themselves.

Korean hairstyles are a lot different from other Asian hairstyles in that they originate from salons of futuristic Korea. Also, Korean men hair is considered fine smooth, strong, thick and straight.

Therefore, before you try sporting a hairstyle of your choice, just make sure to take into account your hair texture.

In choosing the right hairstyle it is possible to look good and have a pleasing personality that will enable you to stand out in the crowd.

For Korean men, there are plenty of options available when it comes to hairstyle. Therefore, one shouldn’t limit himself to the orthodox Asian cut. There is so much to achieve with your hair.

Just make sure to find the right Korean hairstyle that matches you the best.

Short Korean Men Hairstyles That Will Bowl You Over!

Short and Slick

Short and Slick korean men hairstyle

If you want to look mature with your short hair then look no further than this haircut!

This cool Korean hairstyle is well suited for a semi-formal party as well as a business meeting.

The technique that goes into making hairstyle work is simple and uncomplicated. To make sure the fringe lies back and is natural, you just need to apply strong wax backwards using your fingers.

Two-Block Cuts

Two-Block Cuts hairstyle for korean men

This is among most popular hairstyles for Korean men. In fact, many college going students sport this hairstyle as it enables them look smart and young.

In this hairstyle, the crown hair is cut short, while the sides and lower back are either kept short or shaved completely.

With Two-Block Cuts you can really be creative. For example, you can curl your fringe to give a ‘hipster’ look or straighten it up a bit.

The Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle for korean men

This is another classic Korean men hairstyle you can try out if you have short hair.

Interestingly, this hairstyle originated as a punk style but gradually evolved to become a mainstream Korean look. Even with the Mohawk you can experiment a lot.

The best part with this hairstyle is that it looks good with longer and short sides and long and short spikes.

These Korean Hairstyles Will Redefine Your Personality!

Dandy Medium Fringe-Up

Dandy Medium Fringe-Up

The features of this hairstyle are its short back and sides and the thick crown which give it a ‘dandy’ look. The crown hair can be permed if you want extra texture and volume.

Furthermore, you can use wax with this hairstyle to lift up the bangs/fringe for creating more volume.


K-Pop korean hairstyle

For many Korean men, medium-length hair is the go-to style that makes them look really good.

K-Pop, for example, is one medium length hairstyle for Korean men that is easy on maintenance.

If you want to improve the volume and texture you can consider involving perms.


Anime korean men hairstyle

Typically, long hair maintenance has always been tough.

However, you can try Anime Korean hairstyle as it can style you up and make you look good, even when you have long hair. If you opt for the classic version, then you’ll have one permed side and one straight side.

You can even create temporary perms!

However, for this you need to use a hair-straightener.

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