Cool Hairstyles For Men With Widow’s Peak (ON TREND)

It’s never easy for a man to accept the fact that they are losing their hair. Considering that hair is more than half of a person’s visual identity, it’s safe to assume that some men would find losing hair a direct attack on their personality. Therefore, male premature baldness is one of the biggest concerns in the hairstyle professionals’ community around the world. This is why you need to let go of the despair: hair professionals have made sure to come up with some cool hairstyles for men with widow’s peak.

Whether you decide to highlight it or hide it, you can most certainly achieve a confident and appealing look that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Find your own personal favorite after you get familiar with the styling options that would suit you best!

Highlighting the Widow’s Peak: Embrace Your Flaws

hairstyles for men with widow’s peak

Should you decide to make a statement by showing the world you are not afraid of your short-comings, your best option would be to highlight the widow’s peak.

Try out the classic among today’s hairstyles for men with widow’s peak: the Undercut!

undercut hairstyles for men with widow's peak

The secret for this look is to make the sides shorter. For the bravest men out there: increase your face’s symmetry by slicking the peak backwards and making it stand out even more.

However, be aware that this hairstyle demands continuous maintenance. As a result, you will always look spectacular.

There are no restrictions and no rules on how long your hair should be when attempting the undercut. However, the steps you need to do it, apply to any hair length:

  1. The hair at the top should be 2 – 6 inches long.
  2. The hair at both sides should most typically be #1, however even #4 or #5 can make it work just fine.
  3. Make sure that you apply the following proportions:
    • Top hair length of 2 inches with side hair length of #1 – #2
    • Top hair length of 5 – 6 inches with side hair length of #4 – #5

You can even make a twist at the top. Check out this tutorial to see how!

Hiding the Widow’s Peak: Another Great Option

 Despite how great options for hairstyles for men with widow’s peak that highlight the peak exist, you might still feel too vulnerable by accentuating it.

Do not fear: you can always opt to make it less obvious by trying out the ever-popular Messy fringe hairstyle. It will do wonders in terms of making you feel younger, energized and free.

But there is one simple rule: your fringes should look as if you had just gotten out of bed! It is indeed as simple as that.

Again, hair must be shorter on the sides. Add thick-framed glasses to achieve a back-to-school, almost hipsterish look.

short on the sides hair for men with widow's peak

Hollywood’s stars are also doing the widow’s peak hiding.

Channing Tatum looks exquisite by bringing the focus on the front of his head, while hair is brushed up to one side: a wild, yet stylish look.

He pulled it off; you will most definitely succeed, too!

Channing Tatum widow's peak hiding

The Sexiest of All hairstyles for men with widow’s peak

If you prefer wearing your hair longer, cut it to a medium length and make it curly. Place the curled fringes in a way that they cover a part of your face.

This hairstyle will give you a mysterious and powerful look at the same time.

Also… the word “sexy” cannot even begin to describe how appealing you will become!

medium length hairstyle for men with widow's peak

So, which way of dealing with the widow’s peak would you prefer – highlighting or hiding it?

Let us know if you have more ideas on how to solve the widow’s peak problem.

And don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.


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