Sexy Hairstyles for Men With Beards (THE MODERN RULES)

Men with beards can sport a number of interesting hairstyles that can say a lot about their personality. So if you sport a beard, make sure you have a matching hairstyle as this way you can announce yourself even from a distance.

When you consider hairstyles for men with beards, sky is the limit. There is plenty to choose from that you can easily get confused as what you should be trying and what you shouldn’t be trying.

Whether the taper-fade or dreadlocks, every man has his own style and preferences when it comes to hairstyles. And when you combine these hairstyles with beards, you get a look that is hard not to notice.

Classic And Evergreen Hairstyles For Men With Full Beards

Man Bun / Long Hair

Man Bun hairstyle for men with full beard

The Man Bun hairstyle may have been since a long time. But the craze among bearded men over this hairstyle hasn’t been subdued!

For men who are familiar with various hairstyles over the years certainly know that the Man Bun style has been seen pre-1980. However, more and more men, especially the ones who are fully bearded, are taking to it like never before.

Therefore, if you’ve grown your hair accidentally or willfully and interested to try out this evergreen hairstyle, then consider pulling it back into bun.

What these hairstyles for men with beards do is provide more balance to your look. Whether workplace or anywhere else, you should easily be able to carry out the look wherever you’re.

The Buzz

buzz haircut for men with beards

The hairstyle that was once the de-facto hairstyle for many bearded men is back and is expected to take over the men’s fashion world by storm.

The best part with the Buzz is that it requires less to no maintenance. Also, less hair on top means fewer worries.

In sporting the Buzz hairstyle you can use your full beard to provide an attractive contrast. In a way this look also helps provide uniformity that usually comes along when the full length beard matches length of hair on top.

The Undercut

undercut for men with beards

The credit for bringing the Undercut hairstyle into the spotlight might not go to Macklemore. But ever since he sported one, more and more young men are willing to try it out.

What is really special with the Undercut as compared to other hairstyles is that it takes the ratio of hair on the top and sides to an extreme level.

The beauty of the Undercut hairstyle is that it not only highlights your style and trends, it also allows you to experiment on any beard style that catches your eye. Perhaps there is no other hairstyle that can do this for you!

The Part

the part hairstyle for men with beards

When you consider hairstyles for men with beards, you cannot help but consider the part, a hairstyle that was quite synonymous with Americans in 1950. Though this hairstyle is quite old, it is creating waves in the men’s world of lately.

It is particularly suitable for men who want to grow their hair long but not in a way that can be considered too lengthy.

The benefit in sporting the Part look is that it provides you a well-maintained and clean-cut look that will balance perfectly with a fuller beard.

When you come across men that sport this kind of look, you immediately think of him to be full of contradiction and style.

Interested In Trying Out Short Hairstyles?


Backcombed Hairstyle

backcombed hairstyles for men with beards

This hairstyle when sported by a man with beard provides a lot of elegance and class to his personality.

Besides these, the hairstyle also lends to the masculinity to the individual in its own way.

Whilst this hairstyle allows you to move your hair out of your face, it also provides a touch of seriousness to the look.

Sideline Hairstyle

sideline hairstyles for men with beards

This is among those hairstyles for men with beards that can never run out of style! The sharpness and edginess of the sideline will make your hairstyle more prominent.

The best part is that it looks perfect with any kind of beard you may have!

Additionally, you can sport it for formal meetings, for wedding and other occasions.

So, what do you think of these hairstyles? Do you have a beard? Why not try one of these styles and look comfortable in them?

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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