World’s Most Popular Haircut Styles For Men (BEAUTY TRENDS)

Haircut styles for men have been a hot topic for the past years over the Internet. Men are becoming to realize that keeping good appearances is not something that only women should do: taking care of one’s entire image, styling and most importantly, good hygiene has a positive influence on the overall physical and psychological health as well.

So, we have done some research on which haircut styles for men are the trendiest.

Feel free to try any of them. We assure you there is a plenty of choice for any face and hair-type out there!

The Sustained Risers In Haircut Styles For Men

haircut styles for men - sustained risers

The safest bet to take this year would be choosing some of these haircut styles for men which trends have been continuously growing, and have no intention on stopping whatsoever. It is even expected that they can keep rising even more steeply in the future.

Keep reading to find out more.

The Cool Afro Fade

The Cool Afro Fade haircut

Just look at how irresistible Usher looks with this Afro fade haircut!

Neat and clean on the sides, while naturally textured on the top. Add those thick-framed glasses and look as awesome as he does!

The Elegant Comb-Over

The Elegant Comb-Over hairstyle

Mad Men may have just as easily started this hairstyle trend.

Who wouldn’t want to look as sleek as Don Draper does?!

Often called “the side part”, because hair is split at one side in order to comb the other one over, this hairstyle will remain as one of the most sophisticated hairstyles, especially for glamorous occasions.

Disconnected Hair for Men

Disconnected Hair for Men

The undercut, the executive contour, the short taper, and the fade haircut all fall under the same professional term: disconnected haircuts.

Simply put, one of the trendiest ways to wear your hair is to cut it extremely close on both sides and at the back of the head, while keeping it longer on the top to provide contrast. Choose the styling details as you please.

The Seasonal Risers

haircut styles for men - seasonal risers

These trends are “in” during specific seasons. The fact that they are less trendy in others doesn’t make them less attractive, because they are very likely to be coming back on the scene.

Check them out.

The Iconic Flat-top Fade

The Iconic Flat-top Fade

Do you remember Will Smith’s flat-top fade in “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air”?

Well, it is making a come-back.

You can never go wrong with such a funky, energizing and playful haircut. It also makes you look a lot younger. See how to get one here.

The Pompadour Fade

The Pompadour Fade hairstyle for men

Referencing the rock-and-roll era of the 50’s led by Elvis, this hairstyle is trendy nowadays as well. The sides and the back are usually worn very short, while a sort of a “crown” should be formed on the top.

The (curly) Taper Fade

The (curly) Taper Fade haircut style for men

This trendy hairstyle is very easy to achieve: shorter on the sides and at the back, while longer and naturally curled with some styling product at the top. Make it a bit messy at the front by using your fingers.

The Rising Stars

haircut styles for men - rising stars

These exponentially growing trends have happened so suddenly, it is not even easily predictable whether they would stay on the haircut scene for longer.

Nevertheless, you can enjoy them to the fullest while they’re still here!

The Box Haircut

The Box Haircut Style For Men

Look younger by getting this 80’s flared natural hairstyle. All you need is a moisturizer to make sure that the hair will stay as it should on the top and you are all good to go!

The Classic Caesar Haircut Twist

The Classic Caesar Haircut Twist

Bring the 90’s back by adding a splash of the now with this Caesar Haircut twist: a rounded front with no fringes.

Guarantees you will get all the attention when entering the room!

The Hair Sponge Hairstyle

The Hair Sponge Hairstyle for men

Get the trendiest hairstyle that only works for naturally curly hair!

All you need is some moisturizer/conditioner and a magic sponge. Find out how easy it is right here in this tutorial.

The Lower Taper Fade

The Lower Taper Fade Haircut Style For Men

Sophisticated, yet still fun and eye-catching, the lower taper fade is another way to get a natural look if you have curly hair.

Just add an earring and a shaped beard to get that extra-edge!

The Man Bun

The Man Bun hairstyle

The man bun is probably the most popular of all haircut styles for men today.

It is very simple to make: just add some moisturizer and conditioner, and tie the hair up with a scrunchie.

Following Jared Leto’s example, the man bun does not necessarily have to be a messy hairstyle: it can be worn at special occasions as well.

The Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

What we have here is just another man bun variation: a marriage of the man bun and the undercut.

Just cut your hair shorter on the sides, and tie the longer hair on top with a scrunchie. It is quite difficult to achieve, but rewarding in the end.

The Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade Haircut For Men

Shave your hair on both sides to almost nothing, and make a buzz with the rest of the hair pointing to the top. As a twist, the buzz hair can be a bit combed-over to achieve a softer look.

The Samurai Hairstyle

The Samurai Hairstyle For Men

Another man bun twist: Grow a substantially long beard, get your hair just a bit shorter on the sides and tie the remaining of the hair (which of course, is longer) to a messy bun at the back of the head.

The result: a casual yet very classy hairstyle.

There you go: a handful of the trendiest haircut styles for men out there.

Regardless of which type of hair you have, what age you are or what style you are trying to achieve, we believe that you can find at least one suitable suggestion among them.

So, would you prefer to be seen with a hairstyle that is a rising star, or would you play it sure and get some of the constantly rising ones?  Which one do you prefer the most?

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