23 Fabulous CR7 Haircuts You’ll Love Right Now (MODERN RULES)

  1. The Wet Look

The wet look requires just a bit of hairstyle gel and creativity. Perfect for both outdoor activities as well as nine-to-five office hours.

  1. The Curls to Remember

Another one from Ronaldo’s earlier football days. Can you ever go overboard with curls?

  1. Push those Bangs Back

Style the bangs with a bit of hairstyle gel, and you get this sleek cr7 haircut. Goes great with military-style jackets.

  1. The Curvy Pomade

cr7 haircut - The Curvy Pomade

One of the trendiest hairstyles that Ronaldo has ever worn. A perfect combination of faded sides and slicked back hair.

  1. The Classic Mohawk

One can never go wrong when choosing the classic punk-styled Mohawk. The motto: Forever young and rebellious.

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