23 Fabulous CR7 Haircuts You’ll Love Right Now (MODERN RULES)

  1. Messing it up at the top

This cr7 haircut requires just shaving the sides and leaving the hair longer at the top of the head.

  1. The Deep Shave

Hair shaved on the sides. Cristiano is stylish even when practicing with the team!

  1. The Scar

Showing his continuous support to the boy whose brain surgery he donated money for. The hairstyle line matches the boy’s scar.

  1. Retro Elvis-like hairstyle

Reminiscent of young Elvis, Cristiano killed it at a commercial with this sleek retro hairstyle.

  1. Spikes and a shaved line

Perfectly combining the two most common cr7 haircut features. A stunning pair of sunglasses as well.

  1. Simple, Straightforward cut

Sometimes even when it comes to hair, less is more.

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