23 Fabulous CR7 Haircuts You’ll Love Right Now (MODERN RULES)

One of the best football players of the century has not only shaken the entire planet by his talent but has also become a hairstyle icon. Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s most famous star is truly an inspiration to hair stylists, taking man haircuts to the next level.

Take a look at some of his hairstyles over the years.

  1. The Golden Sun rays

Just before the Ballon d’Or Awards ceremony where he hoped he would get the award again, Cristiano showcased his golden-like locks hairstyle.

  1. Curls of youth

Back in the day when he was at the beginning of his career, Cristiano looked just like any ordinary young boy with loose curls and a cute smile.

  1. The classic slick back

This cr7 haircut is suited for special occasions such as formal events.

  1. Spike those fringes up

Cristiano just pulled the front portion of his hair upwards by using hairstyling gel and achieved this stylish look.

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