Cool Boys’ Haircuts: From Little To Teen Boy Haircut Ideas

It doesn’t have to be hard to outfit your little guy or your teen with a great head of hair. This guide is specialized for the Mom and Dad that want their boy to look great and feel great with a healthy head of hair.

We just have to let everyone know about the coolest boys’ haircuts. Everyone wants to be stylish and fashionable, even the young ones among us!

Boys of all ages want to have a hairstyle that they can feel confident sporting to school, soccer practice, playing with friends, or even hanging out at home! We all know the importance of feeling good in our own skin, and here we illustrate a bunch of awesome boys’ haircuts for any situation!

We understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming dealing with a child’s growing pains and body image, as well as keeping up with what’s stylish, and on top of the growing costs of maintaining a healthy, good looking family. We have a whole bunch of tips to help you out!

The Best Boys Haircut Trends You May Have Missed!

There’s no limit to what you can do with boys’ hairstyles, and the more confident you are, the more that you can pull off!

Going that extra style mile can really set you apart from the pack. There’s no better time than when you are young to try out some wild and crazy styles. As long as you can still go to school with your new do, all is well and rock on!

We know that hair trends change quickly. It can be impossible to keep up with all the different haircuts for boys that pop up throughout a school year.

That’s why we do the research to help you narrow down which styles are right for your boy this year!

Spiky Hair

spiky hair for boys

One of the trends you may have missed is a spiky boys style with a design faded into the back of the head or the sides. The creative options are endless based on whatever you want to design!

Side Part

side part fade for boys

The classic side part with a fade from the sides to the back with a glossy finish!

It’s an excellent choice for those boys that have a round face. This style has been hip since the 1930s and doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon!

The best part about this boys’ haircut is that it’s so easy to master. All you need is a comb, some water, and a little bit of gel or pomade and you are ready to go!

Long Curly Hair

boys long curly hair

Wild curls that don’t quit!

Let your curly hair grow out on the top, taper the sides and back, and brush your hair up instead of adding product.

Most people think that if you have that unruly type of curly hair that you have to keep it nice and short, but this style goes to show that you can let your cool curls grow out and become a beautiful, hip, longer style that is unique.

Get a fade style haircut on the sides and back, but then keep the top a bit longer with plenty of layers, and comb it forward for a different style of a layered cut with a super accenting fade.

sides fade high top for boys with curly hair

Curly hair is usually best kept short and well-kempt on the sides and top, especially if your little guy has a rounder face.

Most young boys don’t develop strong facial and jaw features until their later teenage years, and that is why if he sports a curly head of hair it is best to keep a high and tight haircut to help make a smooth transition from hair to face shape.

Cool Haircuts For Boys? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Like always, if you want something to work out you have to do it intelligently. That means doing a lot of research ahead of time! Read guides like this one, peruse photos of different hairstyle that you’d like to see on the top of your head.

Like previously mentioned, boys’ haircuts offer an almost unlimited set of options, so don’t be shy!

Dive into the deep end, but do it smart!

The more you have educated yourself on all the latest boys and teenage styles of haircuts, the more you will enjoy your cut when the time comes!

”Doing it smart” means education, always!

Whether you are looking to get some style on the cheap or to get your little guy to chill out when it comes time to get the hairs cut, use the resources available to you!

If you want a truly ‘smart’ haircut that will stand the test of time you can do no wrong with the trusty ‘undercut’ that is as popular as ever and has been a go-to hairstyle for over eighty years!

It’s short around the sides and back and gradually tapered at the very top, and then a nice long plot of hair on the top of the head is either combed back in a pompadour style or to the side for a nice, clean part.

Look no further if you’d like to develop a smart looking hairstyle.

boys undercut combed back

If you think that the ‘smart’ rock star style is for you, and you’ve got a little longer hair than your average boy, then rock out with this medium to long length haircut!

A lot of layering and a messy look provided by a tiny bit of product in the shower-wet hair, and we have a future lead singer of the coolest band!

Look smart and stylish!

messy haircuts for boys

Another stylish look is a kickback to the British “mod” trend back in the ‘60s.

It’s a nice formal look with a front swoop to the side at a medium length, with a nice even buzz around the sides and back.

It’s a boys’ haircut that blends style with substance for something you can wear to grandma’s or a friend’s house.

swoop to the side buzz medium hair

The pompadour style is one that leaves any boy looking like they did their homework when it comes to their personal style with hair! It’s a hugely popular style in 2016, and it’s so versatile anybody can make it their own.

Short on the sides, longer in the front, and puffed up with a matte finish curving from front to back. It is the smart hairstyle.

boys pompadour hair

All You Need To Know About Haircuts For Little Boys

Little boys are always full of a ton of energy and are up for almost anything!

When it comes to boys’ haircuts, however, they can be a little sensitive and shy.

Make sure that if you are trying to get a little boy to get a fresh, stylish haircut that he is comfortable with a few different options. Work with them ahead of time to get them acclimated to the different looks that they would like to sport.

Find a cut that is going to match the guy’s awesome personality, and try to make the process as fun as you possibly can!

Here are some helpful tips to get your young man excited for his haircut!

Don’t forcibly restrain a child that may get a little hysterical before, or during a haircut. Usually, this will make the situation much worse, pushing things past the point of fussiness and into the realm of crying and throwing a full-on tantrum!

little boy cry in barbershop

Familiarize the child with the environment of a barbershop or your local hair salon. For many young boys, the average haircut business is as scary to venture into as the dentist or doctor.

Educate your child on what he is going to experience before, during, and after he sits up to get his locks trimmed.

Start with showing him how simple the process of getting your haircut is by trimming up at home!

Easy the little guy into the professionally done practice by gently cutting his hair at home and showing him that it is not a big deal at all!

Once you can calmly get your boy into the barber’s shop, let him look at his favorite book, or play around with a mesmerizing toy while the professional gets the work done.

It will keep everybody involved calm!

Enlighten your boy that a haircut can be a fun experience. Dazzle him with all the cool different looks available to him (use all of the boys’ haircuts included in this guide), and show him photos and videos on the internet.

Make the process of picking out his next hairdo a fun thing to spend time on. Making him excited for his next visit, and each one after that.

Favorite Black Boys’ Haircuts Of All Time

It’s no big secret that black men have much different hair than a simple straight, curvy, or wavy style.

This offers up a slew of different versions of modern haircuts that are tailor-made for a young black boy to wear, and look stylish and hip!

There are tons of different styles to choose from, but we decided to narrow this list down our favorite black boys’ haircuts of all time.

Fade Haircut

black boy faded haircut

Faded Haircut with a twist finish on the top. For those boys that have a bit of a longer top, they can rock this hairstyle with ease.

Fade the sides and top sharply and allow the hair to remain medium length. Using product, twist the tips of the medium length hair on the top vertically and let dry.

This style works well with coarser hair, and toes the line between a stylish creativity and a professional Sunday’s best look.

Side Part

black boy side part low taper

A side part with a low taper is an incredibly unique look. It’s a great contemporary style for those boys who have a personality that is all around well-mannered and classy but still wants to stand out in a crowd.

Creating a hard part between the top of the hair line and one side make this boys’ haircut shine. Also, it looks great on medium to thicker hair types.

The Buzz

black boy buzz hair

The Buzz makes everything easier. Probably the most popular haircut for all black boys.

It is the best haircut for kids because it looks clean, shows discipline because the style needs frequent maintenance, and it’s not at all hard to pull off!

Natural Curls

black boy natural curls

Big natural curls that are left to air out and get longer, just look fantastic. Some may think of this as a more twisted, curly style afro.

This style links up perfectly with those boys that have a huge, bright personality, and don’t care to shine on and do their own Wildman thing.

The best thing about this haircut is that it is super low maintenance, and incredibly easy for anybody to look good wearing it.

Fro Hawk

black boy fro hawk hair

The Fro Hawk is the style of 2016, hands down! It is popular with everyone from celebrities, athletes, professors, and pretty much anyone that has a sense of style.

It’s an edgier, rock n’ roll style that still makes your boy look ridiculously cute!

It’s quite the easy style to pull off.

Simply brush the hair from the sides with a fine bristled hairbrush up toward the crown on the top of the head. Continue this process until the desired result is achieved, and give your boy a high-five for looking sharp!


black boy s-curl hairstyle

If your boy likes to leave his hair a little longer than the rest, try out a cool multi-layered long style that curls down over the sides and back of the head. You can use an s-curl to fashion the perfect curls to make your hair spiral off the head in style.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this guide to boys’ haircuts.

We know it’s not the easiest thing to get your kid to pay attention to his hair, or not freak out when you try to take care of it for him. There are always solutions and a lot of ideas out there to help any parent out.

Always make sure to do your research, and to include your little guy on the whole process! It can always be a fun thing to change up to a stylish cut!

Now, we would like to hear from you.

Have you tried out any of the above hairstyles? What are your favorite boys’ haircuts?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Thank you!

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