Caesar Haircut: Kick-Ass Styles You Need To Try ASAP

If you think only women have lots of hairstyles to choose from, then you’re wrong. If you look closely, you’ll realize that even men have lots to choose from, especially when it comes to hairstyles and haircuts. Caesar haircut is one of the most popular and oldest men’s cuts you can try anytime and for any occasion. What started out as a craze among men in the 90’s, this hairstyle is slowly making a comeback and is now getting blended with other latest styles in the men’s world.

For those who are not familiar with Caesar, it is a short haircut type that is achieved by keeping a square front and a horizontally cut fringe. As this is largely a short hairstyle requiring little maintenance, it is making a sort of comeback in men’s fashion world. Also, the fact that this hairstyle is suitable for all hair types, makes it a popular choice among those who wish to experiment with their hairstyles.

The popularity of Caesar hairstyle skyrocketed in the 1990s as George Clooney sported this hairstyle in a TV series named ER for the first time. Thereafter, many men aged between 30 and 45 years in the United States tried out this hairstyle and are continuing to do so.

Incredible Caesar Haircuts That Are Making A Comeback!

Short and Accurate

Short and Accurate Caesar Haircut

Well, there are many incredible Caesar haircuts you can try if you’re keen to experiment with the hair you have got. The Short and Accurate cut is one of them. This classic Caesar cut is for the one who loves being traditional and who prefers keeping it uncomplicated. It is easy trying this hairstyle as you only need to keep the sides short with a cropped fringe.

Want to know what are its standout features?

Neat acicular texture, perfect angles, and clean lines are some of them.

Closely Cut Sides

Closely Cut Sides

If you’re someone who loves to provide some edgy to your hair then consider trying out Caesar hairstyle that comes with closely cut sides. What is really special with this hairstyle is that it’s truly flattering and funky. While the top section is textured heavily, the remaining sections are sleek and neat with faded short sides.

Faded Temples
Faded Temples Caesar hairstyle

If you feel classic Caesar haircut to be old-fashioned or does not look good on you then consider adding a fade to make it look contemporary and new. For example, you can easily opt for a temple fade to go along with a faded corner as it will give you a more balanced look than before. The twist you provide through this hairstyle may not be so evident, but it can be easily noticed by someone who pays a lot of attention to details.

Long On Top With Short Sides

Long On Top With Short Sides Caesar

Another Caesar hairstyle you can consider trying out is in having long on the top with extra short and plain sides. Make sure the top is textured and finger combed towards the forehead. The best part of this hairstyle is that when it is paired with a well groomed facial hairstyle, you’re sure to get a present-day trendy and cool look.

Razor Cut Caesar

Razor Cut Caesar

Have you ever tried or even heard of Razor cut Caesar? If not, it is the time you understand the benefits this hairstyle has to offer to you. When you choose to have a Caesar hairstyle using a razor rather than a clipper, what you get in return is a precise haircut. The final look you get is almost unreal!

Caesar Classy Haircuts That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

If you think Caesar hairstyles cannot be classy enough then you’re wrong!

It is so easy to upgrade your Caesar hairstyle and look impeccable all the way through. For example, if you’re a black man with naturally kinky, wavy or curly hair, then you can consider upgrading it to 360 Waves styles as it will only help enhance the natural texture of your hair. It will work great for your hair because it takes into account your waves/curls and there is no need to manipulate your natural texture to make it look good on you.

High Fade Caesar

High Fade Caesar

Finding a right hairstyle is important especially when you have naturally thick hair. The High Fade Caesar will fit in perfectly with your personality if you have a thick hair.

To get this hairstyle all you need to do is maintain a thick top section while making sure that it is brought to the front. A sort of chunky fringe is developed due to this setup that should really look good on you.

Spiky Fauxhawk Caesar

Spiky Fauxhawk Caesar

If you want to get creative with your Caesar haircut then look no further than Spiky Fauxhawk Caesar. What is different with this haircut is that it involves several cutting techniques – fading down the back and on the sides, feathering over the forehead and blunt cut fringe.

Texture Caesar

Textured Caesar

You can also have a Caesar hairstyle in the light version as well. The Texture Caesar is one such style you can follow. This modern and cool stylish version combines coolness and funkiness perfectly. Thanks to its light texture, the hairstyle looks a bit bulky which in turn is great for finger-styling and thickness.

It is possible to keep the same short length throughout your head while sporting a Caesar look. However, you need to keep fade toward the nape line and the temples. In this hairstyle, you have to accurately crop the fringe while making it traditionally straight.

Wrapping Up

Being a minimalistic hairstyle for men, Caesar cut can be easily achieved in having a reliable styling product like a styling wax or cream and a comb. If saving time and money is high on your agenda then you may even consider giving yourself a Caesar haircut by using a hair clipper and barber scissors. With so many kick-ass styles available, you can always make an excuse in trying one out for different occasions.

So, did you like the haircut styles that have been mentioned above? Are you aware of other Caesar hairstyles that can improve your look?

Do let us know about your experiences. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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