Essential Guide To Black Men Haircuts And Hairstyle Trends For 2016

As it is for black women, it can be quite challenging even for black men to find the right hairstyle they want to look good. This is because the hair somehow refuses to provide them the look they’re desperately looking for.

It is particularly challenging for black men to find compatible hairstyles as they have hair that is naturally curly and is hard to work with. The good news, however, is that black men haircuts are available in plenty today!

Therefore, all a black man has to do is select the best of the lot, especially the one in which he is most comfortable and that matches his personality. In sporting one such hairstyle, it is possible for black men to look stylish as if they have just walked off the red carpet for a premier.

It does not matter if the man has a round or a long face. It is possible to look good with any personal characteristic you’re born with. The key is in selecting haircuts that matches the individual’s face shape, style, and personality.

For example, it doesn’t make much sense in having a large afro on a round face. Instead, the black man can consider having a small one, albeit shaved sizes to enable the face look longer.

Black man short shaved haircut

He needs to realize the fact that certain hairstyles require more maintenance than others. Hence, choosing a hairstyle that goes well with their personality is important.

For those with short hair, there are plenty of short black hairstyles to look forward to.

The best part in having short is that it is easy to care and allows for more convenience.

What Are The Hottest Black Men Haircuts And Hairstyle Trends?

If you’ve been looking at ways to improve your hairstyle and look good in it, there are some great news for you.

For black men especially, the hairstyle trends or haircut types are plenty.

The year 2016 is expected to see a host of new hairstyles make their way!

So if you’ve been contemplating on finding a new hairstyle, you know you do not have to worry about it any longer.

Just check out the options before you…

Mini Afro

Mini Afro for black men

This fast emerging hairstyle for black men will require a bit of commitment on hair care. But once you pull it off, the texture it produces suits all types of curly hair. Just make sure to app enough gel and conditioner to your hair, from root to tips.

Box Fade Cut

Box Fade Cut

Yes, this hairstyle may have been popular way back in the 80s and 90s, but it is still popular and expected to make a push in 2016. This natural black hairstyle looks good on black men. All you need to do when brushing its sides up is apply good moisturizer and you’re good to sport a new look.

Low Side Parted Taper

Low Side Parted Taper

This is yet another old hairstyle which is expected to be making it big in 2016. This dapper haircut is different from others in that it has deep side parts and clean edges. If you do not mind standing out in the crowd, then surely this is an option for you.

Tapered Afro

Tapered Afro for black men

For those of you loving long black hair, this hairstyle option is for you. The best part is that you need not try too hard in styling your hair.

Defined Wave cut

Defined Wave cut

This is one hairstyle in which black men are expected to look professional and classic. You can style it further by adding small amounts of pomade. Additionally, consider using boar bristle brush to achieve the desired look.

Low Tapered Afro

Low Tapered Afro

For those black men that like to grow long hair but still look dashing, Low Tapered Afro is the hairstyle to watch out for. However, there is a little maintenance required for this hairstyle.

Long Tight Taper

This is as flexible haircut you can get. The best part is you’ll look professional and hot with it. To look more stylish with this hairstyle, all you need to do is curl your hair with hands.

Fall in Love with Short Black Hairstyles

Falling in love with short black hairstyles is easy. After all, there is so much one can do with short hair and the sky is the limit.

For black men specially, short hair means an opportunity to impress one and all in both social and professional life. The options in haircuts that black men with short hair have are simply unbelievable.

The short kinky hair that black men generally possess gives them plenty of options how to style them up for different options. These hairstyles are the ultimate as they have an option to improve your personality and give you an edge.

short kinky hair for black men

Most black men prefer having short hair as it allows them to experiment a lot whilst being low on maintenance.

Given below are some hairstyles that black men can consider trying out in order to look stylish and handsome. All these have the potential to inspire your next hairstyle!

Classic Short Dreadlocks

Classic Short Dreadlocks

This is the hairstyle you need to select if you want to look sharp and clean. It is not required to have longer dreadlocks in order to look good and stylish. Even short dreadlocks are sufficient to look classy and neat.

Short Afro

Short Afro hairstyle

It is attractive as well as tasteful for a black man to sport short afro. However, if you still feel short afro high on maintenance then consider cutting down your hair further, to a point you’re not completely bald. The resulting hairstyle will not just be new but you’ll also find it extremely easy to maintain it.

Black Casual Crop

Black Casual Crop Haircut

Black men haircuts doesn’t get any simpler than this. From the outlook, this haircut gives you an impression of a man carelessly having set his hair. But in reality, this hairstyle defines the shape of black men’s head. To achieve this hairstyle, you just need to leave a slightly longer hair than a complete crop.

Strong Men’s Hairstyle

Strong Men’s Hairstyle for black men

This is a classic afro style haircut for black men and it never runs out of fashion. All you need to do to achieve this hairstyle is retain natural curls whilst cropping your hair short.

The Buzz

The Buzz haircut

If you’re a black man on the go then consider trying out this closely cut hairstyle. After all, it does not require much maintenance and is easy to style. How do you maintain it? Simply apply a hair moisturizer and a scalp. Then brush your hair using a boar bristle brush.

The Small Fro

The Small Fro

Hate sporting long hair or just want to have great curls? No problem. The best part is this style lets you show your natural texture without requiring you to worry about long hairs. Getting this short black hairstyle is simple. As a first step, gently apply a leave-in conditioner over your damp and clean hair. Next, use a wide tooth comb and run through curls gently. Then apply gel from root to tips. Lastly, use your fingers to fluff curls and follow it up with air dry.

Fascinating Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Fade haircuts are quietly becoming popular among black men, of all age groups.

These black men haircuts have been quite popular as it enhances masculinity and provide innovating and interesting solutions to hairs of all kinds.

For example, when a black man combines fade haircut with longer top part, he can easily opt for stylist hairstyles, like Mohawk or Pompadour.

Given below are some of the most popular fade haircuts that black men can look forward to in 2016:

Fade Haircut with Facial Hair

Fade Haircut with Facial Hair

Black men can look forward to creating original and interesting hairstyle designs by combining facial hair with fade haircuts. Hairstylists, on their part, can use their imagination to come up with unique fade hairstyles to go along with interesting facial hair designs.

Natural Fade Haircut

Natural Fade Haircut with beard

Black men have natural curly hair that allows them to experiment in many different ways. Natural fade haircut is one of the short black hairstyles that make men more masculine, cleaner and neater. When men combine this hairstyle with beads, the look they arrive at is stunning and unique.

Fade Haircut with Pompadour

Fade Haircut with Pompadour

Black men can even consider opting for fashionable Mohawk styles – Faux and Pompadour hawk hairstyles to ensure their top part hair is kept longer and that they can be styles differently. Pompadour hairstyles are ideal for black men as the short sides give them a shaved effect.

Classy Fade Hairstyle

Classy Fade Hairstyle for black men

For black men that are stylish, elegant and classy, this hairstyle is something they can look forward to in the coming year. So what is special with this hairstyle? In simple terms, Classy Fade Hairstyle provides neat hairstyle and is sleek. It’s the hairstyle that can be sported for any special occasion and can easily win over several hearts!

Low Fade Haircut with a Shaved Side Part

Low Fade Haircut with a Shaved Side Part

This fade hairstyle provides a sort of illusion to observers. In fact, towards the ear line, the haircut fades into invisibility, thus giving it a different look. For those looking to be different in fade, but still want style and convenience, this haircut fits the bill perfectly.

Curly Afro Fade

Curly Afro Fade

If you’re a curly guy, then there’s nothing stopping you with Curly Afro Fade look. With this hairstyle you can let the top of your hair express by itself, albeit through its texture. Pair this haircut with a well-trimmed beard, and you’ll soon have a look that can be trend-setting.

360 Waves and Beard

360 Waves and Beard

This low fade hairstyle with 360 waves is sure to provide contrasts of textures to your facial hair. Unlike other black men haircuts, this hairstyle brings your hairstyle downwards. All in all, this classy and clean-cut haircut is suitable for all occasions, including office.

Why is everyone talking about Afro Haircuts?

There is a reason why everyone is talking about afro haircuts and hairstyles. Though these black men haircuts have been decades old, the newest iteration has meant that the hairstyle is still in trend and young men are sporting it just as they were many years ago.

For several decades black men were inundated with tonics, creams, and gadgets that were believed to be the solution for all kinds of kinks and coils.

Today, these things are past. Today’s black men are more than willing to sport afro haircuts for all occasions.

Afro Black Men Haircuts

So why has there been a resurgence of this hairstyle?

Why are black men talking about it more so now than ever before?

The reason is simple.

The Black Power Movement that gained prominence in the 60s and continued through 70s saw reawakening of racial pride and promotion of black men’s interests socially and politically. This movement in a way, aimed at allowing black men express themselves freely in the larger community. One of the targets the movement saw largely was straightening of black hair.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see modern and dashing young black men sporting and talking more about afro haircuts more now than ever before. Even with something as simple as afro haircut, there is so much innovation and interesting styles that can be achieved.

Considering the trends that will be available in black men haircuts in 2016, it will be least surprising to see a sort of style revolution taking place among black men.

However, even with all the options that a black man has before him, it is important that a right hairstyle or haircut is chosen that perfectly matches the personality.

Wrapping Up

So did you like reading this article? Or do you think there is more to haircuts for black men than what have been listed here?

Please share your thoughts or leave your comments here. We will be glad to listen to you.

Black men never had this good and 2016 is expected to ring in lots of positive styles for them!

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