The Best Men’s Haircuts Of 2017 (COOL NEW IDEAS FOR MEN)

Men With Thick Hair

If you find dealing with your thick hair challenging, then consider trying out these hairstyles. With a knowledgeable barber and a perfect haircut, it is possible to look stylish.

With these haircuts, it is possible to create an impression that is long-lasting.

Here are some options for you:

Short Thick Sculpted Textured Hair

Short Thick Sculpted Textured Hair

You’ll no longer hate your thick hair if you try out this hairstyle.

When you cut your sides short and back cut, to go along with classic long on top, the number of styles you can achieve with this is plenty.

Try adding spikes, by pinching together small sections of hair, and you get a beautiful hairstyle.

Big Pompadour

Big Pompadour Hairstyle for men

If you want to improve upon vintage pompadour, then consider going bigger.

This hairstyle is all about curves and attains considerable height due to oversized pomp. Include a slight side part to the hairstyle, and you get a contrasting line.

Thick Hair Waves and Clean Skin Fade

Thick Hair Waves and Clean Skin Fade

This hairstyle suited best for those having thick hair is highly innovative. The long hair on top has to be divided into four equal parts with each part twisted to form a cylinder.

Make sure the front part comes overhead and is provided a slight curl.

Wide Faux Hawk

Wide Faux Hawk Haircut

It is easy for men with thick hair to look good and flattering – just sport Wide Faux Hawk!

Given the height at the center of the head, this hairstyle suits all kinds of faces, including round ones. While the base of the Faux Hawk is wide, the center has a peak.

To get this look, you need to pull back your apex, so your silhouette is like slick hair.

When you combine this hairstyle with that of a blurry hairline created by low drop fade, you get a style that is fresh and elegant.

Fade and pomp trends have influenced the latest version of this hairstyle.

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