The Best Men’s Haircuts Of 2017 (COOL NEW IDEAS FOR MEN)

Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut hairstyle for men has been there for a long time. The part of this hairstyle is that it is versatile. In other words, it works great on all kinds of hair types and colors.

An undercut hairstyle will look good for everyone regardless the age, either for young or older men’s hairstyles.

Given below are some undercut hairstyles for men that are expected to create waves in 2017:

The Mohawk Inspired Undercut

The Mohawk Inspired Undercut

This steeply angled haircut will make your hair look like a Mohawk.

To create a unique look, you may consider creating a shaved line that will also enable you to separate the top section from the undercut.

The Military Undercut

The Military Undercut

If a man with undercut hairstyle needs to look stylish and unique, then this is it!

The Military undercut is one of the coolest and best men’s haircuts going around. When you select this haircut type and mix it with perfect sides, you look manly.

The Curly Undercut

Fancy Curly Undercut

If you think you cannot have an undercut because of your naturally curly hair, then you’re wrong. Even men with curly hair can look dashing with an undercut.

However, to achieve this look, men need to use a texturizer and ensure that their undercut has a reduced length.

The Tapered and Back-Slicked Undercut

The Tapered and Back-Slicked Undercut

Men with short hair can seriously consider trying out this undercut.

To achieve this style, men need to cut their hair in squares and have their top section slicked at the back. A semi-matt finish and a medium hold fixation are among the most popular products used to achieve this hairstyle.


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