The Best Men’s Haircuts Of 2017 (COOL NEW IDEAS FOR MEN)

Short Men’s Haircuts

Different varieties are seen in short hairstyles for men these days. Typically, short hair is referred to any hairstyle type with small length. The advantage of having a short haircut is that you can style it on a daily basis and experiment with it as you like.

Given below are some of the best short haircuts for men:

Ivy League haircut

Ivy League men's haircut trends

In Ivy League hairstyle type, the top section is tapered while the back and sides are cut short.

Over a period of time, the front and the crown sides become fuller and longer which can be parted, gelled or styled further.

Brushed Up haircut

Brushed Up men's haircuts

You need to retain your hair length to at least an inch to get this hairstyle.

If you want to retain this hairstyle for a longer duration, then consider applying pomade or gel while brushing.

Short Back and Sides

Short Back and Sides

It does not matter which face type you have; this hairstyle will be perfect for you. While the back and sides are cut and shaved, the crown is left longer for styling purposes.

Burr Cut

Burr Cut men's haircuts

You can achieve this haircut type by reducing the length of your hair to 1/8 inch, thereby giving it sandpaper like appearance. Burr cut is also referred to as induction cut.


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