The Best Men’s Haircuts Of 2017 (COOL NEW IDEAS FOR MEN)

There are undoubtedly many ways for men to look catchy and handsome, especially if they want to attract someone’s attention and create a positive impression on them. No doubt, wearing stylish and fashionable clothes is one way of going about doing it.

Another way is to make sure you’ve all the right accessories to go along with them.

But the best and most popular way for men to impress someone or to enhance their personality and look good is to have a perfect haircut or changing the hairstyle.

Men’s haircuts do not take much time and can be achieved easily and quickly, especially if you’ve got an experienced and talented barber or hairstylist working with you. Each year, thousands of new hairstyles emerge and are tried out by many people in order to look good and impressive.

This year is not going to be any different!

With tons of options available in men’s haircuts, this year is expected to be bigger than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a short haircut or undercut or any other form, there is so much expected to happen this year that you’ll no longer be required to sport the same old look.

Let us look into some of the most popular men’s haircuts that are sure to emerge this year.

The Most Popular Haircuts for Men That Will Make Your Hair Stand Out!

Given below are some men’s haircuts that will be quite popular in 2017. You are free to try out some of these, depending on your hair type, personality, and other needs.

Buzzed Skin Fades

Buzzed Skin Fades

Haircuts for men have evolved a lot in 2016. In fact, we did see longer hair trends a lot with a top knot and man bun being more prominent than other forms.

However, in 2017, one can expect close shaved hairstyles gaining prominence once again like it did a few years ago. The contemporary buzzed styles, like high and tights and fades, will come into the picture again.

High Volume or Wavy Undercut with a Taper

High Volume or Wavy Undercut with a Taper

This undercut hairstyle too is expected to make it big this year.

This men’s haircut involves a fade and taper with longer hair sitting on top (slightly different than a classic undercut!) giving it a volumized and wavy look.

To get this hairstyle, you need to be comfortable with your chosen matte pomade, brush, and a hair dryer.

Also, this trendy hairstyle looks great with any kind of beard you may have!

The Swoop

The Swoop Haircut

A more popular version of this hairstyle is spotted by the current generation’s heart-throb – Justin Bieber.

This style is becoming a craze and is expected to be spotted on a vast majority of men this year. In a way, the Swoop can be considered as the hybrid version of the curtained cut that was quite popular in the 90’s.

Modern Side Part

Modern Side Part Haircut

The highlight of 2015 was the resurgence of the Side Part – a classic men’s haircuts form.

This year will surely see a lot of the Side Part being sported by men of different age groups.

After all, this style is sleek, classic and timeless. In fact, it never goes off style!

Business Savvy Haircut

Business Savvy Haircut

When you think of someone being business savvy, the image that first comes to your mind is the person in a sleek suit with hair neatly combed back, something similar American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman.

So how do you sport this business savvy hairstyle for men?

Simply grow your hair to medium length while ensuring the sides and the back are trimmed to normal lengths.


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