Men’s Hair: Cool Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

There’s so much you can do with men’s hair these days that you’ll begin to wonder whether the sky is the limit! And for those men who have one of many reasons to add volume to their hair, there are many options available to them as well.

But, before we get down to finding the ways to increase the volume of your hair, it is important that you understand why increased volume is liked by more men these days.

One reason for men’s liking for more volume in their hair could be that they want to give a feeling of being younger in the workplace.

Another reason could be that they’re required to attend a special occasion, like a costume party, for which they’re required to add volume to their hair.

Whatever the reason, the good news for men is that there are a few ways to add volume to their hair in a short period of time.

Men’s Hair Styling: Adding More Volume

Before you start with any procedure, it is important to dampen your hair.

A pre-styler should help you a lot as it will improve your hold while blow-drying the hair to achieve more volume.

Choose Sexy Hair Big Sexy Blow Dry Volume Gel or any other pre-styler and apply it over your head, making sure to cover all of your head equally.

You shouldn’t attempt to blow-dry your hair at this stage. Instead, use a heat protector to ensure you do not end up damaging your hair that will get exposed to direct heat.

Here again, apply the heat protector liberally, just making sure it has covered all of your head.

Once this step is done, it is time to get started with blow-drying your hair.

To get your hair drier, consider rubbing and scrunching the hair in all directions. However, while going about this, make sure to keep moving your hair and not holding the dryer in one place.

Another product you can consider using to get voluminous hair is Mister Pompadour Texture Powder.

A bottle of this powder looks quite similar to baby powder but totally different to it.

When you apply this powder into your hands and spread it out evenly, you’re sure to get extra grip between the strands of your hair which can help increase the volume noticeably.

The main ingredient of the powder, Silica silylate, is responsible for giving you extra grip while you’re working on your hair.

When you’re using this powder to give you a voluminous look, just make sure to apply it evenly across the head, starting from the roots and working your way to the tips.

There are two ways to help increase the volume of men’s hair:


You can consider using a round brush to grab a small section of your hair. Now, working slowly from the root, slowly pull straight up. Make sure you’re using the blow dryer at the same time.

Repeat the above motion at least three times for each section of your hair, making sure to start from the root of your hair and working your way to the tips while rotating the round brush slightly.

This is one of the proven ways to increase the volume of your hair.


Another way of increasing the volume of your hair requires using what most of us refer as a ‘hair brush. It is safe to assume that all of us have one of these brushes at our disposal that can come good now.

Here again, you’ll need to use the blow-dryer that will keep following the brush while you attempt to press it against the hair before straightening it up.

Just make sure to rotate the hair brush in the opposite direction after you grab a small section of your hair.

When you use this technique along with heat generated by the blow-dryer, you’re sure to get voluminous and bouncy hair.

You can trust your hands for styling too!

To build volume, all you need to do is place a few strands of your hair in between the middle and index finger.

Now, squeeze them tightly while working your way gently from the root to the tip.

Adding Product To Voluminous Men’s Hair

Once you have followed one of the above procedures, the next step is to retain your voluminous hair that can last the whole day.

To retain your voluminous hair for a long period you certainly need a men’s hair styling product that can help you achieve you that.

One product we can recommend to you especially if you have thick and long hair is Claymation by Hanz de Fuko.

This product is really good as it gives you hold for more than half an hour. If not for products like this, your hair could be falling in your face all day.

To start with, you need to squeeze a small amount of Claymation and emulsify it using your hands for a minute or so.

Once you’re ready, make sure to spread it all across your hair, starting from the back and working through to the front section.

Just make sure you don’t apply too much of this product at the front, else you run the risk of weighing down your hair!

This is because they won’t allow your hair to fall down making it look flat.

You may even consider throwing in a hair spray to all these options as they’re super light and are sure to help you lock volume at one place.

Now, as the last step in styling, you’re going to use your hands to push all your hair into the direction you’re comfortable with for resting.

If you want to try another product then I would recommend Natural Beeswax Paste, especially if you want your hair to be more refined and stylish.

However, if you wish to try hair styling products that are lightweight then Sculpting Clay could also be a great option for you.

So, did you like the ways of adding volume to your hair? Are you aware of any other ways that can help achieve this?

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